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SUPER SLEUTH: Private detective Gary Glanz in his office holding the book “Sleuthing,” in which he is featured. Glanz has been highlighted in many publications and books, including the Wall Street Journal.

Tulsa Private Investigator Gary Glanz, dubbed the nation’s “Super Sleuth” by the Wall Street Journal, is celebrating 50 years in the business of solving crimes, tracking down fugitives all over the world, recovering vast sums of money, fine art and treasures, and more. Glanz’ track record of success over the decades firmly established his reputation as one of the best PI’s in the nation. His Tulsa office, Glanz and Associates, receives calls from all over the country from clients seeking his agency’s expert services.

It’s been an interesting career, to say the least. As Glanz says, “You can’t make this stuff up,” when referring to the cases he has worked and solved over the years. A perfect example is one of Glanz’ most noted cases, the Mullendore murder. Considered the biggest murder mystery in Oklahoma’s history, it went cold, until Glanz solved it. (His work resulted in the family receiving an insurance settlement that at the time was the largest settlement paid in an individual death in the history of the U.S. underwriting industry.)

Glanz’ investigative work is guided by the instincts and skills he has acquired over the past five decades. When asked what the most important skills an investigator needs to solve a case he says, “Like most things, nothing beats experience. It’s the knowledge you’ve acquired over time that makes the critical difference when working a case.”

And, Glanz has solved thousands of cases over the course of his career and has successfully: recovered $693,500 of cash in the largest kidnapping and recovery in Oklahoma’s history; recovered $1.5 million in cash from a steamer trunk in Mexico City; located a “chop shop” containing 27 stolen semi-trucks worth $3 million; recovered missing and kidnapped children in Australia, Canada, Mexico and South America; electronically recovered a significant amount of stolen data from a local computer database; located a daughter missing for 23 years in a five-minute computer search; in a divorce investigation for a local housewife, he identified and located more than $14 million in hidden assets, including 450 pounds of gold and silver; and recovered 85 tons of rolled aluminum stolen by an employee of a local manufacturing facility.

When asked about how the business has changed over the years, Glanz says, “A lot has changed, but some things will always stay the same. Technology has changed significantly. The equipment we have today enables us to do things that were not possible as recently as a couple of years ago.” As much as technology has changed however, human nature has not, Glanz says. “People will always do what they do. Human nature is fairly predictable. Technological advances won’t change this.” This is why, Glanz explains, that all the cutting-edge technology in the world will not be of any use to an investigator without the investigator’s depth, breadth, and years of experience backing it up, something 50 years in the business ensures.

Glanz and Associates provides clients a wide range of services including: Divorce & Child Custody, Surveillance (Domestic, Divorce, Infidelity, Workers Compensation/Disability Claims, Personal Injury, Insurance Fraud Claims), Background Investigations, Missing Persons & Witness Locates, Statements & Interviews, Cellular Phone & Computer Forensics, Security Consulting, Corporate Fraud & Internal Theft (Insurance Fraud, Industrial Espionage), Hidden Video Technology, Difficult Process Serving, and Law Enforcement Security / Executive Protection.

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Tulsa Private InvestigatorThe Wall Street Journal calls him “The Super Sleuth” —and with good reason. For more than 50 years, Tulsa private investigator Gary Glanz has been solving major crimes, locating missing people, recovering tens of millions of dollars in cash and other valuable materials and securing priceless art collections—all with a flair, and a sense of professionalism and discretion that have earned him an international reputation. Originally making a name for himself as one of the youngest detectives in the history of the Tulsa Police Department, where he received numerous awards and citations, Glanz left the police department in 1967 to establish his own private investigative firm. Gary G...


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